Our Competences

When choosing IG USA LLC for project management, clients gain effective problem-solving, dedicated stakeholder collaboration, and a team that prioritizes open communication, resulting in well-informed decision-making and optimal project outcomes.

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IG USA LLC offers comprehensive Supply Chain Management services, integrating sustainability, quality, technical standards, and financial expertise, providing value beyond traditional practices. Our focus on sustainable supply chains, quality assurance, and financial viability ensures customer satisfaction and optimal results. By promoting responsible sourcing and eco-friendly practices, we drive success for businesses and the environment, delivering holistic solutions

#Quality | # Sustainability | # Information Security | Finances

IG USA LLC’s Due Diligence services offer a comprehensive suite of value-added features to clients. We ensure sustainable compliance with environmental regulations, assess social responsibility in labor practices and community engagement, uphold high quality and technical standards, conduct thorough legal compliance reviews, and provide financial viability analysis. These features empower clients with comprehensive assessments, informed decision-making support, and robust risk mitigation strategies, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

#Quality | # Sustainability | # Information Security | Finances

IG USA LLC provides comprehensive compliance services, covering quality, sustainability, information security, and financial management. Our expertise spans industry standards like functional safety, minerals conflicts, industry 4.0, VDA 6.3, and TISAX. Clients gain improved product quality, environmental responsibility, data protection, and financial adherence, along with expert guidance to align with industry-specific compliance requirements, enhancing overall performance.

#Quality | # Sustainability | # Information Security | Finances

IG USA LLC delivers comprehensive internal and supplier auditing services, covering quality processes, products, management systems, and financial performance. Our audits identify areas for improvement, offer actionable recommendations, and go beyond the audit process to provide tailored strategies for quality enhancement, process streamlining, and financial optimization. We collaborate closely with clients to drive continuous improvement, delivering tangible and sustainable enhancements in addition to identifying areas of concern.

#Quality | # Sustainability | # Information Security | Finances

IG USA LLC offers comprehensive Risk Management services, spanning risk identification, prevention, and control across quality, sustainability, information security, and finances. Our value-added features include strategies to mitigate risks, proactive measures, and specialized risk management protocols tailored to each area. With our services, businesses can ensure resilience in critical domains, leading to enhanced performance and sustainable growth.

#Quality | # Sustainability | # Information Security | Finances

IG at Glance our Capablities

At IG USA LLC, we offer comprehensive quality services to ensure businesses not only meet industry standards but exceed customer expectations. Our expertise covers quality assurance, control, management systems, supplier quality, and effective problem-solving. Working closely with clients, our dedicated team fosters a culture of quality, leading to measurable results and excellence in products and processes.
IG USA LLC offers comprehensive sustainability services that guide businesses in integrating sustainable practices, reporting, and addressing environmental impact. Our services encompass materiality assessment, environmental & energy management systems, product life cycle evaluation, circular economy solutions, and GRI reporting, facilitating positive change and transparent communication of sustainability efforts.
IG USA LLC specializes in information security services, offering ISO 27001 and TISAX implementation and auditing, along with security incident management. Our expertise helps businesses establish robust Information Security Management Systems, maintain compliance, and effectively manage security incidents, enhancing overall information security practices.

Small Business Compliance Services

Our program helps small businesses with financial, technical, quality, and safety compliance, including OSHA.

1. Service Agreement

Our Small Business Compliance program involves a 12-month service agreement, prioritizing confidentiality, detailing services, and offering flexible pricing based on your business needs, starting from $100 USD

2. Customized Compliance Plan

We create a tailored compliance plan considering your business needs and regulatory requirements, detailing the steps to achieve your compliance goals.

3. Implementation and Support

We provide hands-on support during compliance plan implementation, addressing challenges and ensuring a smooth transition with our expert team.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Updates

Our ongoing monitoring ensures your compliance stays current, adapting to changing regulations, standards, and best practices with timely updates and guidance.

5. Periodic Reviews and Audits

Our periodic reviews and audits ensure effective compliance by evaluating your status and identifying areas for improvement, keeping your efforts aligned with evolving regulations.

Through our Small Business Compliance program, we aim to simplify the compliance process and provide you with the necessary expertise and support to achieve and maintain compliance with financials, technical standards, and various regulatory requirements